Become a better racer faster

The VRS Systems are the hardware that the pro drivers trust when taking on the challenge of a world championship. Together with those drivers, we developed our hardware systems with a clear goal in mind: shorten the time spent getting up to speed. The unique designs are optimized for outperforming the competition. Discover the VRS Systems that fit your needs in the sim.

The Pedals

A design so different that it makes the difference

Built and optimized for sim racing; better than any real-life-wannabes. Solid, butter smooth, precise, durable, consistent, adjustable. Control the throttle and nail your braking.

The Wheel Base

With great power comes a greater racing experience

Crisp, detailed, accurate, responsive, powerful. The VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base delivers up to 20Nm force feedback, and even more importantly, it gives you an incredible and immersive racing experience. No eco-system lock; mount any 70mm PCD steering wheel or quick release. Learn why so many pro sim racers are relying on the VRS DirectForce Pro Wheel Base.

VRS lets you access the ultimate sim racing experience. Our premium hardware includes one of the strongest force feedback wheel bases on the market and uniquely designed sim racing pedals. Pro drivers trust the reliability of VRS products when they chase wins every day. Our VRS School and VRS Coaches teach you how it’s done and show you the difference between a good lap and the perfect lap. Whether you just want to enjoy sim racing or want to become a faster driver, VRS offers you everything you need.