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Learn from the best

No matter if you just started or have been at it for years, there will come the point when you stagnate, and you start feeling frustrated. Our VRS coaches have been there, too. But today, they are among the best sim racers in the world. Join VRS and learn from the best.

Never rest on your laurels

Without training, you’ll never be gaining. The true secret of our world champion coaches is the endless effort they put into the perfect preparation.


It’s a match: Find your perfect coach

Whether you're planning to go road racing, dirt racing, or enjoy oval racing, you'll find your perfect coach within the VRS coaching roaster. Our coaches bring invaluable experience and have won dozens of championships between them. Book your coaching session with 2-time Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup world champion Joshua Rogers, 4-time NASCAR iRacing world champion Ray Alfalla, 3-time iRacing Grand Prix world champion Martin Krönke, or Red Bull X Games gold medalist and iRacing Rallycross world champion Mitchell deJong. Or pick one of more than 80 expert coaches.

1-on-1 Coaching

Enjoy a private coaching session

Usually, it's you versus the track. With a 1-on-1 coaching session, you and a VRS coach face the track together. Experience what it takes to master every track and race car in a personalized coaching session. The coach will join you on track to analyze your driving skills and show you how to overcome any challenges.

Group Trainings

Get up to speed as a team

Motorsport is a team sport, and so is sim racing. Some of our VRS coaches offer bespoke private group coaching sessions for you and your team. The VRS coach will join your session, analyze your team's driving performance, and help you speed up on the track. Or if you don’t have a team, join one of our public group trainings that focus on skills like driving, race craft, and setup building.

Subscription Plans

Upgrade to the full VRS experience

In racing and sim racing, lap times never lie. And nor does data. In addition to the world’s best coaches, we’ve developed three different subscription plans for you to analyze and level-up your performance. Click on the button below to discover even more possibilities to improve your driving skills.


If you’re just getting started or tackling the track only one or two days per week.


Get unlimited access to a single data pack and access your teammates’ data.


Take it to the next level. Unlock advanced features of VRS and all essential data packs in addition to gaining access to your teammates' data.


Join the VRS Paddock

Connect with our support staff, coaches, and our community on the VRS Discord server. We are happy to welcome you as a new member of our world.

VRS lets you access the ultimate sim racing experience. Our premium hardware includes one of the strongest force feedback wheel bases on the market and uniquely designed sim racing pedals. Pro drivers trust the reliability of VRS products when they chase wins every day. Our VRS School and VRS Coaches teach you how it’s done and show you the difference between a good lap and the perfect lap. Whether you just want to enjoy sim racing or want to become a faster driver, VRS offers you everything you need.