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Beat your personal best and then everyone else

In sim racing, your last best lap is the one to beat - and a pro lap is the one to aim for. VRS gives you the tools to analyze your driving and to find opportunities to improve. Compare your driving against your own best laps, against your teammates, or against data packs from our top sim racers. Experience what you‘re capable of in sim racing by exploring your own potential with the help of our easy-to-use tools.

Data Packs

Learn to love data

VRS offers data packs for the most popular iRacing series (road, oval, dirt, rallycross). A data pack covers one car for the entire duration of a series season. Our world-class coaches create the data packs. They consist of car setup files (.sto), replay files (.rpy), and comparison telemetry of the coach’s practice and hot lap session. With many data packs, our coaches create a video tutorial with in-depth analysis.


Analyze every detail of your racing

Enhance your driving skills with recorded data analysis of your session. Compare your laps with those of your teammates or share them with the VRS community. The VRS Lap Analyzer enables you to switch on the driving style data overlay, in cockpit or chase video mode. Just record a video and attach it to your uploaded session, and the analyzer will play it in sync with your telemetry. Or view one of our coaches' sessions with included hot lap video. You can even compare your video-synced lap without coaches' hot laps to get a side-by-side video with telemetry overlay. Even advanced telemetry data such as tire info, wheel slip or ride height is possible with the competitive subscription.


Join the VRS Paddock

Connect with our support staff, coaches, and our community on the VRS Discord server. We are happy to welcome you as a new member of our world.

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