VRS DirectForce Pro Formula Wheel is out for sale!

VRS DirectForce Pro

Formula Wheel

Take your sim racing experience to the next level with the DirectForce Pro Formula Wheel from VRS - designed with precision and performance in mind.


Make the limits your new comfort zone

Racing is all about pushing the limits. Don’t let your hardware limit you. VRS Systems raise the benchmark in hardware quality, durability, and performance. They are designed to make your sim racing experience more immersive and more enjoyable. Discover VRS Systems and why the pro drivers from every discipline love to race with VRS.


Get one step ahead

To become faster, it helps to understand your racing data. Be your own engineer. VRS Services is the easiest way to compare yourself to the pro drivers. Analyze your driving and identify every hundredth of a second you can improve. Our data packs, setups, and replays will take you ahead of the competition.


No one is born a champion

We know what it takes to get up to pace on a new track, with a new car, at any stage of your career. Our coaches have been there. VRS School offers you the opportunity to hone your skills with top coaches from all over the world. With their help, turn your frustration into progress.


Racing history in the making

VRS has been at the forefront of virtual racing for years now in cooperation with the most successful sim racing teams. What started as a passion of enthusiastic racers has become a movement. The world's best sim racers and teams are part of our community and offer their knowledge as coaches. Our story so far has been wild, and we‘ll make sure that we continue writing racing history.


Join the VRS Paddock

Connect with our support staff, coaches, and our community on the VRS Discord server. We are happy to welcome you as a new member of our world.

VRS lets you access the ultimate sim racing experience. Our premium hardware includes one of the strongest force feedback wheel bases on the market and uniquely designed sim racing pedals. Pro drivers trust the reliability of VRS products when they chase wins every day. Our VRS School and VRS Coaches teach you how it’s done and show you the difference between a good lap and the perfect lap. Whether you just want to enjoy sim racing or want to become a faster driver, VRS offers you everything you need.